MIX Lab in the Passaic Valley Today


021116-td-printing05 The Making and Innovating for X Lab (MIX Lab) was featured on 2/11/2016 in the Passaic Valley Today.

The story written by Lindsey Kelleher featured Desiree Archie, a Montclair State University student who studied entrepreneurship at the universities Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship and Professor Iain Kerr, co-director of the MIX Lab.

In Desiree's Entrepreneurial Mindset class she seized the opportunity to rapidly prototype and 3D Print a toothbrush with floss built in.

Desiree had no knowledge or experience of 3D Printing before being introduced to the lab in the fall 2015 semester.

Read the entire story on Desiree's experience designing and 3D Printing a prototype for her entrepreneurship class.