Introduction to 3D Printing and Innovation Design - ENTR 260

What To Expect

3D Printing Class
3D Printing Class

An introduction to digital fabrication and innovation is a hands-on introduction to the hardware of 3D printing, printers, filaments and scanners. Building from the very basics (no previous digital design skills necessary) we introduce digital design software and their possibilities opening doors to creativity and innovating. The radical potentiality of innovation is the second core focus of this class where we put your new found digital fabrication skills to work on innovating problems worth solving and generating revolutionary paradigm shifts. This course may be taken as a stand-alone course or as the first of three courses leading to a Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making issued by the Feliciano School of Business.

What You Will Learn

The fundamental aim of this course is to introduce students’ to making and innovation via 3D printing. This course provides students’ with a basic understanding of, and ability to, 3D print and innovate.  We will provide students with the fundamental skills of digital design and the hardware of 3D printing. Concurrently students will achieve a firm grasp of the innovation framework for paradigmatic creativity and design.