MIX Lab Collaborations

On Campus Collaborations: 

DROP IN & START INNOVATING: The MIX Lab has supported and co-developed classes and enhanced curriculum all across campus. Including presentations and lectures to support and enhance your pedagogy.

The MIX Lab has worked with the following departments:

  • Math

  • Fashion

  • Theatre

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Ceramics

  • Sculpture

  • Jewelry

  • Environmental & Sustainability

  • Computer Science

  • Education

  • Italian

… and we are just getting started. We are on a steep trajectory of controlled growth bound only by our imaginations.

Please drop by the lab to chat about how we can collaborate or send us an email to book a mutually convenient time.

OFF Campus Collaborations: 

With local entrepreneurs and innovators we bring patents to life, create 3D models, design prototypes and MVPs in different materials across a range of digital fabrication tools. 

If you are a local entrepreneur and have an idea to collaborate, please swing by the lab or reach out and contact us - we are game for any collaboration that amplifies innovation and design.

We have worked alongside numerous local inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, designers, 3d printing experts and more looking to bring their vision and creations to life. 

The MIX Lab has worked in both a lead and supporting role in projects at various stages. No two are alike, each fascinating. 

Additionally, the MIX Lab has a formal externship established with Gearhart Law of Summit, NJ.

Our students who graduate with the certificate in 3D Design and Digitally Mediated Making are eligible to be hired as Design Consultants by Gearhart clients gaining valuable experience and building their portfolios.

They are entrepreneurs before they graduate. If you are a client of Gearhart Law and need assistance brining your patent to life - reach out.