Applied Digital Innovation Design, and Lean Fabrication - ENTR 460

What To Expect

3D Printing Class
3D Printing Class

The capstone course in 3D Printing and Innovation evolves the students’ digital design skills into a genuine entrepreneurial project. Students will be challenged to take on a real-world issue, and in an iterative loop of understanding and innovating develop truly novel designs — solving real world problems in paradigmatically transformative manners.  This course will focus on the unique capacities of digital fabrication to transform the entrepreneurial process, with new forms of making and innovation incorporating all of the unique skills sets fostered over the nine-credit experience. This course is the third of three courses leading to a Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making issued by the Feliciano School of Business.

What You Will Learn

Building on mastery of Digital Design and fabrication as well as the mastery of non-standard materials and techniques we move to the application of these skills on real world problems. Students will apply Lean Start Up and customer discovery methodologies to work in an entrepreneurial manner. Students will gain a basic working understanding of entrepreneurial skills and mindset. Iteratively working with various stakeholders they will develop a design solution taking full advantage of their digital fabrication skills. The ideal outcome is an actual working new product or design.