3D Printing and Innovation Classes at the MIX Lab

Why Take an Innovation & Digital Fabrication Class?

Why take our Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making?

3D Printing Class
3D Printing Class

Making is undergoing a fundamental revolution. Digital fabrication is transforming the very way business is done. Business education needs to embrace this broad and far-reaching change. The MIX Lab at Montclair State University is preparing students for these emerging jobs with the highly in demand cutting edge digital design skills.

Today, in a world where jobs, industries & technologies are quickly appearing and disappearing, the only constant is change. More than half of you will be working in fields that as yet do not even exist. So how do you prepare? By acquiring the key skills of Innovation: Creativity, Collaboration, Cognitive Flexibility, Complex Problem Solving & Critical Thinking. Developing innovation today cannot be divorced from the emerging world of the digital fabrication revolution. Our certificate program uniquely teaches these skills to produce innovative leaders able to navigate & create disruptive social and economic change while moving into multiple emerging fields.

In this rapidly transforming environment, the number one skill requested by business executives is creativity and innovation. The World Economic Forum lists Complex Problem, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Cognitive Flexibility as 5 of the top 10 skills most needed by 2020. In the contemporary context creativity and innovation are skills that cannot be divorced from the emerging world of digital fabrication. Our program uniquely teaches these conjoined skills to produce innovative makers and workers able to navigate disruptive economic change and move into multiple emerging job streams.

Innovation and 3D Printing skills are in demand.

The design and innovation entrepreneurs graduating with our certificate are poised to become leaders in this transformation by having the joined skills of digital fabrication and innovation. At the core of the contemporary entrepreneurial process is the digital fabrication leveraging MVP’s (minimum viable product) in a fully digital workflow for just-in-time design, testing and production. Today, the key to entrepreneurship is the ability to fabricate independently, and validate prototypes with markets prior to engineering.

Design has been revolutionized by the advent of Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Innovation Design such that it is no longer a field that comfortably sits only within fields of engineering or industrial design but has its proper home in transdisciplinary environment of business and entrepreneurship. Within this context digital fabrication is the key medium to implement the innovation processes necessary to design rapidly at scale.

3D Printing and Innovation Classes at Montclair State University

Our exciting classes provide our Montclair State University students with the skills in digital fabrication and Innovation that meet tomorrow's business needs today in a three course (three credits each) sequence. By completing the sequence of digital design, and innovation classes, the Montclair State University student will receive a Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making.

The first course, Introduction to 3D Printing and Innovation Design can be taken as a standalone course. This class is open to any major across campus.


ENTR 260 - Introduction to 3D Printing and Innovation Design

Prerequisite: ENWR 105, or HONP 100

ENTR 360 - Advanced Innovation and Digitally Mediated Making

Prerequisite: ENTR 260 // 290-01,-02,-03,-04

ENTR 460 - Applied Digital Innovation, Design, and Lean Fabrication

Prerequisite: ENTR 360 // 290-05

* All courses are open to all majors across campus.