Advanced Innovation and Digitally Mediated Making - ENTR 360

What To Expect

3D Printing Class
3D Printing Class

Building on tools, techniques, and frameworks introduced in the first class – ENTR 260 Introduction to Innovation and 3D Printing, students’ are guided to become fully fledged design innovators. We begin with student-led projects such that they will have the ability to create entrepreneurial outcomes across multiple fields. The course aims to give students the skills to move across all aspects of digital fabrication from additive to subtractive manufacture for profoundly creative outcomes. Students will work with a wide variety of materials and will be exposed to multiple new techniques. Further enhancement of digital design software will be central to the evolution of student’s skill sets as we introduce advanced design techniques. The semester will focus on individual entrepreneurial projects applying creative methodologies to make paradigmatic transformations  and products to any field. This course is the second of three courses leading to a Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making issued by the Feliciano School of Business.

What You Will Learn

Deeper understanding of software and extended techniques of digital fabrication. Personal application of innovation techniques to real world problems. Understand the iterative process of design and making — across materials and techniques where 3D printing is critical but not necessarily the end result. Each student will be responsible for the making of a series of unique objects in a variety of materials and processes. There will be an additional focus on research and systems analysis as it applies to innovation and problem solving. Students will be introduced to Subtractive Fabrication, mold making and other related techniques. New materials will be introduced (ceramics, metals, plastics, etc.). Students will be expected to hone their techniques of making to the level of refined product design. The ultimate goal of the course is to hone student’s entrepreneurial innovation and design skills across multiple verticals.