Where To Pick up 3D Prints

After you have designed and sent your 3D Print to the MIX Lab the student tech volunteers will process your digital file and will send it to one of our 3D printers.

After your print has successfully printed you will receive an email letting you know it is ready for pick up. You’ll want to know where the MIX Lab is, when the MIX Lab is open and how to find your print in the lab once you arrive. See below for all the details.

Where is the MIX Lab Located?

The MIX Lab is located in Room #014, lower level of the Feliciano School of Business.

Look for the red wall, down the hall past the stock ticker, around the corner from the Venture Cafe. You can’t miss it:

MIX Lab - Red Hallway


…last red hallway on your left.

Once in the Lab, where will I find my Prints?

Completed prints are kept in the bookcase next to the front door of the lab.

Class prints are on the top shelves of the book case. Each shelf is dedicated to a class section denoted by a piece of tape on the left indicating the class section.

Individual prints are on the bottom shelf of the book case. 

Do not hesitate to enter the lab during class to pick up your prints. Enter and exit the lab making an effort not to disrupt the class. Be careful not to let the door slam behind you either time.

Mix Lab 2018 bookcase.JPG

The bookcase

Next to the front door is where 3D prints are kept for you to pick up your finished prints.

Don’t be shy, come in quietly if a class is session and take your print.

What Are The MIX Lab's Hours?

The MIX Lab hours change each spring and fall semester as well as winter and summer breaks.

Also, keep in mind print requests increase at the end of the semester. Plan accordingly to ensure you complete your projects on time.

Here is where you can find the daily MIX Lab schedule.