Get Started Designing and 3D-Printing

MSU Students, Faculty and Employees Only

MSU students, faculty and employees can send 3D Prints to the MIX Lab from any location, on or off campus. Below you will find resources on how to design and send 3D Prints to the MIX Lab. Any questions, you can contact us.

The tutorials are designed to help you begin no matter where you are; in experience or in the world. We believe in the teach a person to fish philosophy - we will not design for you, we will show you how. Should you get stuck, feel free to swing by the lab, School of Business room 014 during lab hours, someone will be happy to help you.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ for frequently asked questions.

Design & 3D Printing Resources: as Easy as 1-2-3


1. Software To Design your 3D Print:


  • WATCH these Screencasts to design your 1st print in TinkerCad - COMING SOON!

  • WATCH these Screencasts to design your 1st print in Fusion 360

    • 1. An introduction to Fusion 360: This is an overview of the software and how to navigate the interface. start here if you are new to fusion 360.

    • 2. Making an object: How to make and manipulate a simple object. An introduction to making, transforming and navigating around an object while learning the ethos of fusion 360.

    • 3. Adding and subtracting: Making an object involves adding and subtracting forms. This screencast builds upon #2.

    • 4. Modify an object: After a basic form is made smaller modifications help finalize the shape. Learn some simple modifying techniques.

    • 5. Saving and sending an object to print: An introduction to saving files and exporting files to begin the printing process. See "Software to send to MIX Lab to Print" for the next steps in printing your object.

Additional Tutorials available online:

  • Tutorials for Tinkercad online.

  • Tutorials for Fusion 360 to take your skills to the next level.


3DPos Login.png

3. Software To Send to MIX Lab to Print

The MIX Lab uses a software platform called 3DPos to accept 3D Print requests. All prints must be sent via this link. Login using your NetID.

Having trouble with any of the above? Stop by the MIX Lab during lab hours for assistance.