Working With Us

Working in the MIX Lab
Working in the MIX Lab

Welcome to the MIX Lab at Montclair State University. MIX stands for Making and Innovating for X; Where X is the unknown.We welcome students, faculty and local entrepreneurs into our lab who share our vision for innovation and creativity. If you have a novel idea, we will help you create it.

Our lab techs will teach any novice to design in 20 - 25 minutes with no prior knowledge or experience required. Want to get started?

Ways To Get Involved

  1. Take an Innovation and 3D Design Class or Get a Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making

The MIX Lab offers a complete 3 course 9 credit certificate in Advanced Innovation and Digitally Mediated Making. Complete details on Montclair State University’s 3D Printing classes and certificate.

WHY DO YOU NEED THIS? Today, in a world where jobs, industries & technologies are quickly appearing and disappearing, the only constant is change. More than half of you will be working in fields that as yet do not even exist. So how do you prepare? By acquiring the key skills of Innovation: Creativity, Collaboration, Cognitive Flexibility, Complex Problem Solving & Critical Thinking. Developing innovation today cannot be divorced from the emerging world of the digital fabrication revolution. Our certificate program uniquely teaches these skills to produce innovative leaders able to navigate & create disruptive social and economic change while moving into multiple emerging fields.

Why take our Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making? Learn more about the MIX Lab curriculum.

2. Drop-In and Start Innovating

As an individual, you do not need to take a class to engage with innovation and 3D Printing. You can start making by simply dropping by the MIX Lab in SBUS room 014 with an idea; email for lab hours.


Software Requirements

Requirements to work in the MIX Lab are minimal. All the software we use is free. We recommend arriving to the lab with the following software installed on your laptop with user accounts created. This will allow for a faster and more enjoyable user experience on your part.  The minimum recommended software is:

Hardware Requirements

Any Windows or Mac laptop should be sufficient. It has been only rare instances that an older laptop has not worked with the required software. If that is the case, or you do not have a laptop, we have a laptop or two that can be used while in the MIX Lab.


The MIX Lab has supported and co-developed classes and enhanced curriculum across numerous disciplines including: Math, Fashion Studies, Theatre, Entrepreneurship, Ceramics, Sculpture, Jewelry, Environmental & Sustainability, Computer Science, Education and Italian Studies. We support the student-led 3D Printing Club as well as connecting with regional industries and entrepreneurs. We are on a steep trajectory of controlled growth bound only by our imaginations.

If you are faculty on campus or a local entrepreneur and have an idea to collaborate, please swing by the lab or reach out and contact us - we are game for any collaboration that amplifies innovation and design.

A Bit About The MIX Lab

We have both a state-of-the-art lab and faculty team in place. We have a 2,000+ sq. ft. of digital fabrication lab and teaching space with a broad range of additive and subtractive systems (50+ 3D printers of various sizes and styles, laser cutters, routers, scanners). We are the 9th Makerbot innovation center in the world, the largest in the NYC area, and the only digi-fab lab in a school of Business in the US. The lab includes a resource library, and incubator space. Our faculty consists of two full-time faculty and one part-time with strong backgrounds in innovation, digital fabrication, and entrepreneurship.

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