MIX Lab Manifesto

MIX Lab - Begin Anywhere Poster.jpg
  1. Problem Innovation: We don’t accept problems to be pre-given -- we need to innovate problems worth having for worlds worth making.
  2. Incubating Real World Change: We do things to have a meaningful impact on our most pressing issues.
  3. Rapid Prototyping: Innovation does not happen in our heads or labs but by making things and getting them out into the world for multiple cycles of engaged feedback.
  4. Transformational Design: We design for change: the state of the world is not ideal -- things need to transform. This won’t happen overnight. We design transformational processes.
  5. Entrepreneurial: We want to make things happen. Entrepreneurship is getting things done.
  6. Project Based: Learning happens in doing, when making, thinking and engaging fuse. Our view is that things need to happen and so we do everything from teaching to research as real world projects.
  7. Creativity Centric: Genuine change requires new models of creativity. A creativity that goes beyond ideas of genius, to embrace a world teaming with novelty and possibility. Creativity is embracing the unknown (X possibilities) with curiosity and wonderment.
  8. Trans-Disciplinary: We are not just crossing disciplinary boundaries, but transcending the existing and evolving new modes of practice, knowledge creation, and organization.
  9. New Technologies: We embrace technology as an essential component of life and understand new technologies such as 3D printing as offering radical opportunities.
  10. The MIX Lab is happy to collaborate on innovative work by students and faculty. Is open for work on innovation with the community that is based on shared goals.